May 2010

May ’10

The Alternative Garden Club made a donation to the Glendale Middle School’s Diversity Garden where a tree was planted on Thursday, May 13 as part of a grant the Club received from the Utah Associated Garden Clubs.  

A ginkgo biloba tree is a slow growing tree with unusual shaped leaves.  It is often called a living fossil due to it is virtually unchanged from its ancestors which grew during the early Jurassic Period.  The tree was chosen by the students of Glendale Middle School, 1430 West Andrew Avenue, Salt Lake City, to flourish in their Diversity Garden which the students plant and maintain as part of their curriculum.  Students and teachers were on hand to observe the planting of this ancient species of tree.  

Dean Anesi, Member and past President of The Alternative Garden Club and this project’s coordinator, wrote the winning proposal for the grant from the Utah Associated Garden Clubs.  Dean is also the owner of The Urban Garden Company, a firm specializing in garden/landscape design, 801-521-4525.  Dean was instrumental in identifying vendors/contributors who assisted in helping with this project.  The tree was partially funded and purchased from Craig Fedderson, Oregon Acres, 801-870-4134.  Todd (and Brent) Miller, Mountain Point Landscapes, 801-231-1188, donated their company’s time and effort to plant the tree.    

In addition to the tree, books on horticulture for the School’s library, and plants that have survived from the Jurassic period will be purchased with funds provided by The Alternative Garden Club. 

The Club will also provide on-going mentoring to the school’s science teachers and students to help insure that the new tree will thrive.  To quote Dean Anesi “We are pleased to form a partnership with the Glendale Middle School and look forward to helping students learn how to care for their gardens.”

Jun ’10
7:30 pm

In June for our Monthly Meeting we will be instructed by Russ Pack on the topic of “Adding Texture and Layering to Your Garden”. Take Pride in your summer gardening and join us at Pride on the 5th and 6th. The Alternative Garden Club will have a booth at the Pride Festival.