Jun ’11
7:30 pm

Wednesday June 1 at 7:30pm in the Club House, 1602 East 2100 South.

Ornamental grasses are becoming the main attraction in many landscapes due to their versatility, ease of use as privacy screens, and as ornamental ground cover in sunny and dry areas. We are fortunate to have as our lecturer this month, Ruth MacAngus, an expert on Grasses and Sedges. Ms. MacAngus is the owner of Growing Empire, a nursery specializing in perennials and shrubs. Ruth’s father was the founder of Millcreek Gardens and Ruth has spent all her life in the nursery business. In 1994 she began Growing Empire and has been a valued resource for most of the garden designers in the Salt Lake Valley. Ms. MacAngus will be offering for sale a variety of ornamental grasses to Club Members after the lecture.

Special thanks to Ruth MacAngus for offering some of the wonderful plants available at her nursery. We strongly encourage all members and friends that appreciate local businesses specializing in excellent plants specific to our region (indigenous and otherwise) to visit Growing Empire Nursery.

Growing Empire Perennials and Shrubs Nursery is conveniently located off of 700 East (no 9th East access) and 3430 South. The address is 820 E Empire Ave. (3530 E.), Salt Lake City, UT 84106. (801)-685-7099.

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May ’11
10:00 am

Saturday, May 14, 2011 from 10:00am – 3:00pm at REI located at 3285 E. 3300 S.

REI will be offering over 40 different, high-quality and affordable native trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials for sale (all plants are grown locally and NOT harvested from the wild). Please, cash or check only.

In order to receive your FIVE FREE NATIVE PLANTS, dig up and bag all of your myrtle spurge (AKA Donkey Tail Spurge), Euphorbia myrsinites, removing at least 4″ of the root clump and bring the whole thing to the address above. REMEMBER: wear protective clothing including long sleeves, gloves, and eye protection. All euphorbias have a latex-based sap chock full of irritating alkaloids and other chemicals that can cause severe skin irritation.

And yes, myrtle spurge is an invasive non-native species that crowds out native plants in our foothills and canyons.

More information can be found on the official notice Here (PDF file) or at the Salt Lake County Weed Program.

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Sep ’10
7:30 pm

At the September monthly meeting Wayne Padgett, Alternative Garden Club Member, will be speaking on the use of native plants.  “With growing populations along the Wasatch Front, water is becoming a rarer commodity.  Plants that grow naturally [here] can live on the water that falls from the sky–no irrigation needed.  Many are beautiful and can fit well in a water-wise landscape.  [This lecture will] show examples of native plants in their environment and in [a garden] landscape.”